Vasilis Palilis

Educational manager and MEC facilitator at WIDE Services

I am a well-recognized educator, developer, and researcher with over thirty years experience in the classroom, e-learning, informatics as well as upper management of educational institutions. 
I have two BS degrees from the University of Athens, one in Physics the other in Faculty of Primary Education. In addition, I am an adult educator, instructional designer, MCCC, Moodle Mentor Assessor. My work has been funded by European Union awards. 

My current work is focused on the development of courses using MOODLE platform and I have used Moodle to create courses for universities, schools, and companies. 
As an instructional designer and Moodle Course Creator, I can help people to create content or -if they already have a content- I can organize it in the Moodle environment and make it interactive ( e.g SCORM, video, images). Also as certified Moodle Mentor Assessor, I can train people to learn how to use Moodle or facilitate their courses.

Moreover, I have a long record of educational publications: I am the author or co-author of 13 textbooks, in the subjects of Chemistry and Physics for the upper grades of High School, 3 books, in the field of educational methods, as well as the author or co-author of 26 peer-reviewed manuscripts in conference proceedings.  

I am also the founder and administration of the e-learning platform . In this site I have created mathematical courses for both primary and high school learners. Also, I have physic courses for primary school learners.

As a collaborator of Widetraining, I have designed and implemented   the following programs:

As a collaborator of ΕΛ/ΛΑK , I have designed and implemented the following courses:


 I also teach in the  Code + Create project

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WIDETraining Academy: the best of Moodle training
Yiannis Arapoglou, Vasilis Palilis

It started with an idea, but 9 years later there are number of success stories to share. An elearning course provider service for Moodle for teachers, STEAM teachers and gamification professionals. Awards, students from all over the world, international recognition and more.