eXpert project: Moodle Formulas question type with JSXGraph
2021-11-26, 17:30–17:50 (Europe/Athens), Room1

During the pandemic, the impact of e-learning became particularly important showing that in the field of remote teaching there is a notable lack of high-quality, research-based learning material.

In this context, eXpert is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Maribor University (Slovenia), which has created advanced interactive i-textbooks ( including questions with JSXGraph (, free software created by Center for Mobile Learning with Digital Technology (Bayreuth University). The main aims of the project are:

  • Community-driven use and improvements of i-textbooks.
  • Possibility to include some topics from interactive textbooks in Moodle LMS and to construct personalized learning paths

In this presentation we are showing how JSXGraph animations are included in Moodle using Formulas question type.

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I'm a teacher trainer and elearning developer, creating teaching-learning materials in Moodle for more than 10 years