H5P in Moodle
2020-11-27, 18:15–18:45 (Europe/Athens), Room 1

This presentation will cover H5P features in 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10. We'll talk about using and managing H5P content in your Moodle site: from creating H5P activities with grades stored in the grade book to sharing H5P content in the new content bank... and something more! You'll need to attend to know it ;-)

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Helen Foster
Community Manager

Helen works full-time for the Moodle project as Moodle Community Manager. In addition to helping with moodle.org site administration and improving Moodle Docs, Helen keeps an eye on all the other Moodle community sites and works closely with Moodle developers. Helen also manages Quality Assurance testing prior to major releases and co-facilitates the twice-yearly Learn Moodle Basics MOOC.

Before working for Moodle, Helen taught Mathematics for 13 years to students aged 11-18 and adults.

Sara Arjona Téllez
Developer in Moodle LMS

I'm a computer science engineer and I have worked as a developer in Moodle HQ since 2017. I've been involved in several interesting projects related to Badges and H5P, among others. Besides, last year I started as an integrator too.

Before that, during almost 14 years I developed some projects for the Ministry of Education of Catalonia, such as Àgora or XTECBlocs (based on open-source projects, such as Moodle or WordPress). I also participated in the development of several Moodle modules, such as JClic, Quaderns Virtuals or GeoGebra, and currently, I'm helping to maintain the Configurable Reports plugin.

My hobbies are orienteering, geocaching and travelling! :D