Dillon Richardson

After starting his young career in his homeland of Canada, working for the national sport federations of gymnastics and basketball, Dillon hopped across the pond to Germany for a new adventure with the International Paralympic Committee and the international sport federation of World Para Powerlifting.
At 29 years old, in his role as Performance and Development Manager, Dillon is responsible to grow the sport in different areas and deliver programmes to engage to athletes, coaches and referees from 130+ member countries around the globe.
With his academic background in Physical & Health Education and Sport Management, Dillon takes inspiration from different fields to implement innovative projects to get more people with a disability practising sport. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was the lead behind becoming the first Paralympic sport to launch an online competition.

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Raise the Bar! How Moodle Helped World Para Powerlifting Educate Across the Globe
Dillon Richardson

World Para Powerlifting, the international sport federation for powerlifting for people with disabilities, has athletes, coaches and referees from Australia and Ghana to Peru and Kiribati.

Facing the challenge to keep the community up to date with the technical rules and regulations and to certify referees, they sought a solution to provide easy access to education.

This session provides a case study of World Para Powerlifting's use of Moodle, creating "hubs" for their different stakeholder groups, providing announcements and clarifications on rule interpretations, creating quizzes for referees, starting a marketplace for used equipment - all on top of self-directed and blended certification courses, breaking barriers to raise the bar for the sport across the world!

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