Serafeim A. Triantafyllou

Serafeim A. Triantafyllou is a Computer Science Teacher. He has worked as a Computer Science Teacher in schools of Secondary Education of Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. He has been awarded a Microsoft in Education Certificate in recognition of membership in the Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. He was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. Serafeim received his BSc in Applied Informatics from the Department of Applied Informatics of University of Macedonia (Greece), an MSc degree in Continuing Education from the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia (Greece), and a Master Degree of Education in Special Education from the Department of Education of University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education of University of Patras (Greece). He has completed to satisfaction the (400 hours) educational program in intercultural education from the Department of Economics of University of Piraeus. He has completed to satisfaction the 1st EURASIP-GAIPDM Seasonal School on “Learning from Signals, Images, and Video” from the School of Informatics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). He holds a certificate of Membership of IEEE Education Society that recognizes him as the Affiliate in good standing, denoting a personal and professional commitment to the advancement of technology.

He has attended IEEE conferences, Lifelong learning conferences and other education conferences. He taught in School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE), Annex of Thessaloniki (Greece) for the academic years 2017-2019 and 2022-2023. He has worked as a reviewer for different journals. Serafeim is also a certified trainer for Adults of non-formal education by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance – EOPPEP. He worked as a professor of Computer Science in Public Vocational Training Institutes. He also worked as a professor of Computer Science in AKMI Vocational Training Institute, in PASTER Vocational Training Institute, in Vocational Training Centres and Lifelong Learning Centres. His research interests are in the areas of E-Commerce Technologies and User Experience, Gamification Technologies, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Web browser technologies and programming languages, Special Education, Lifelong learning and e-learning. Serafeim is also author of computer science and pedagogy books.

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Distance Education in the Age of Technology with the use of Gamification
Serafeim A. Triantafyllou

The rapid development of technology in today's times brought new ways of learning in the context of distance education. E-learning is a new way of learning that takes place in the distance environment and in the traditional class environment. Thus, in the context of distance learning, instructors have to adopt different approaches and use special techniques in order to successfully pass their teaching work to learners. In particular, each learner has his /her own particular needs and experiences, which the instructor has to identify and take into account in the design of teaching. All of these are prerequisites for an effective distance educational process. The main goal is to investigate instructors’ teaching strategies in order to identify their outcomes. We believe that e-learning which requires the introduction of a new form of pedagogical approach structured in the relationship developed between instructors and learners, can enhance educational process and bring positive learning outcomes. Constructivist instructors which have a positive perception of e-learning and its contribution on the educational process, seem as the most appropriate to run e-learning projects because they can provide us with feedback that enriches our understanding of this new pedagogical approach.

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