Evangelos Mantadakis

Evangelos is the Managing Director of QC Analytics PC, an independent compliance consulting company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Before starting QC Analytics in 2019, Evangelos worked with small and medium-sized enterprises to deliver their medical device products to the market for 8 years.

Evangelos holds a Master’s degree from Ghent University in Biomedical Engineering and he is interested in bringing medical devices into the EU and US market by developing and delivering their Regulatory Plan. His mission is to help Quality Engineers to work more efficiently.

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Lessons learned from internal training in a small business
Evangelos Mantadakis

Internal training (i.e. training that employees receive from employers) is an essential process for a business. The employees learn to use the necessary tools and processes to be more productive and efficient. Internal training takes place both for onboarding new employees and re-training existed employees.

Usually, the HR Manager is assigned with the task to develop the training program by creating slides. After that, a training session is scheduled onsite. At the end of the session, employees are asked to sign off a paper as a training record.

This type of internal training requires both the instructor and the trainee to be available at the same time/location and it creates extra paperwork for the company's HR department.

QC Analytics has worked with a couple of companies to transform their internal training program from a manual process to an automated remote process using Moodle.

In this session, we would like to share what we learned from these transitions and how we configured Moodle LMS to deliver the internal training program with remote employees.

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