Matina Katsiyianni

Ms. Katsiyianni is a student-centered Math Teacher with 10 years of experience, delivering teaching expertise, as well as optimising student success, progress, and learning outcomes for 6th -12th graders. Qualifications include Degree in Mathematics and MSc in Economic Mathematics. Creative and resourceful in adapting instructional strategies to meet unique student needs. Passion for education and an unwavering commitment to optimise student and school success. Open-minded in order to implement the best practices in class and always seeking for the best professional development opportunities for the benefit of her students. She possess several technical skills, including MS Office Suite, Moodle classes, Skyward, Google classroom, use of Interactive whiteboards, Geogebra, MATLAB, MathType, SPSS, Minitab, E-Views, C , and FORTRAN. Ms. Katsiyianni has also participated in many educational conferences and workshops. Among them the NESA conference in Instabul in 2015, where she presented her work: “Hooked on Mathematics”. Ms. Katsiyianni has also participated in ACS Athens initiative to publish a book on its revolutionary blended teaching methodology titled Revolutionising K-12 Blended Learning through the i2flex Classroom Model (Avgerinou, Maria D., and Stefanos Gialamas, 2016).

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A step by step guide to design, implement and evaluate High School blended learning in Math and Science through the Quality Matters framework
Elina Prodromidi, Matina Katsiyianni

Authors: Elina Prodromidi, ACS Athens, Greece and Matina Katsiyianni, ACS Athens, Greece

In the year of 2020, students seem to be less engaged with learning and more distracted from it. Nevertheless, they seem to have higher demands and greater needs, especially in terms of their education. They seek for quicker solutions and better accommodation according to their learning styles and needs, and therefore very well-prepared courses. Providing students with an exceptional learning experience is not an easy task. Thus the goal of many schools is to improve learning and adjust to the needs of their learners; engage the learners into the learning experience and at the same time maintain the instructional quality. That is why today, more than any other time, it is imperative to create a solid quality assurance plan that will enable them to achieve their goal. A plan that would extend beyond student impact and would make a difference for faculty, staff and the institution as a whole. This presentation discusses the implementation of the Quality Matters framework (QM) into the teaching process of a Mathematics and Biology class at ACS Athens, Greece, as a means of improving and evaluating the above mentioned blended courses. The QM framework will be presented and discussed as well as the type of blended learning that ACS Athens offers, through the i2Flex methodology. The i2Flex methodology will also be defined and explained. Following our recent publication on i2Flex methodology as a pedagogical tool, this presentation will shed light into the use of online platforms such as Moodle, not only as repositories of useful information but to meaningfully enhance student engagement, conserve teaching and learning time, as well as give independence to students for their learning. More specifically, the Moodle shells of both Math and Biology classes will be accessible, as well as their evaluation through the QM framework. The two courses will be fully described and sample class material, ready for use, will be presented.

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